ToadDate.0001.09.29.2016-TX Today we traveled from Rockdale to Abilene State Park, a distance of 235 miles and an elevation change from 466’ to 1909’. State Highway 36 was used for most of the route and took us through several communities including Buckholtz, Gatesville and Buffalo Gap. Buckholtz is like many Texas towns in that it was … More Finally…

El Camino Real

In Texas, El Camino Real, the Royal Road or the Kings Way, runs across much of central Texas including through Rockdale. This road was established over 325 years ago as a way for the Spanish government to send supplies and keep in touch with its settlements. It originated in Mexico City, entered Texas near Eagle … More El Camino Real

Proud Texans, again

Today after 4 trips over 4 days spanning two weeks to the DPS (or DMV in some states) to get our Texas Drivers licenses, we were successful! We are now proud residents of Rockdale TX a community in Milam County Texas. This is a photo of the Milam County Courthouse which was named after Texas Revolution … More Proud Texans, again

Camping World trip

While the RV is being serviced, Elaine and I stopped by the Denton TX Camping World to see what items that we may need for our journey. We looked a lot but only renewed our Good Sams membership and joined Passport America. Elaine thinks we may need some new tacky lights and I was interested … More Camping World trip