Proud Texans, again


Today after 4 trips over 4 days spanning two weeks to the DPS (or DMV in some states) to get our Texas Drivers licenses, we were successful! We are now proud residents of Rockdale TX a community in Milam County Texas.

This is a photo of the Milam County Courthouse which was named after Texas Revolution hero, Ben Milam. Look up his colorful and unconventional life on the web.

The RV maintenance was also completed. Monday we will drive the RV to Lake Lewisville for a short shakedown camping trip. If no major problems surface during this trip, we will be able to start our first trip.

We are spending Friday and Saturday with our son Jason, our daughter-in-law Jolene and our grandson Nathan.

Tomorrow we plan to introduce you to the real Rambling Toad.



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