El Camino Real

In Texas, El Camino Real, the Royal Road or the Kings Way, runs across much of central Texas including through Rockdale. This road was established over 325 years ago as a way for the Spanish government to send supplies and keep in touch with its settlements.

It originated in Mexico City, entered Texas near Eagle Pass and went as far as Natchitoches, Louisiana.

El Camino Real is a collection of routes, the season of the year, the amount of rainfall that had been received and the current threat status of the Comanche Indians, determined which route was taken for a particular trip.

In 2004 the 2500-mile route was designated a unit in the National Historical Trail System named El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail and is governed by the National Park Service.

We picked up the RV Monday, provisioned it, and now are in the second day of a two-day shakedown camping trip at Lake Lewisville, which is near Dallas TX.

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