Rockdale a Few Repairs Needed


Today we completed the state inspection and registration of the RV. We squeezed into the Milan County Tax Office with less than a half hour before they closed.

We are now in a Rockdale RV park. We will stay in this area for another day or two to visit with the grandchildren.

We found some damage to the RV vent covers and will need to get two of them replaced when we get to a repair shop. The damage was odd; holes in the covers and some water damage inside the RV ceiling and maybe the floor. It may have been caused by a hail storm that was in the vicinity of the storage area earlier this year. We’ll make the insurance company aware of the problem.

We couldn’t get the covers replaced today in the Dallas area, the shops there were booked for the next three weeks. Duct tape to the rescue, this should work until we find a shop.

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