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Today we went to church, washed the car, and did laundry. Just the typical stuff that people do on Sunday.

We also visited the Blackwater Draw Archaeological Site National Historic Monument which is just about a mile north of Oasis State Park. This is a small area of land which seems to be just like the area that surrounds it, including our camping site. The area was a lake and marsh 14,000 years ago, and was a good location for hunting as the animals came to water.

What happened there is extraordinary. It was discovered as a result of a young man sending a spear point to the Smithsonian museum in the late 1920’s. The spear point was unique and unknown, subsequent excavations at the site led to the discovery of the Clovis people, a prehistoric Paleo-Indian who were hunting at this site almost 13,500 years ago, at the end of the last glacial period.

Twenty-eight mammoth and many Ice Age bison skeletons were excavated at this site. One mammoth bone has a Clovis spear point embedded in it, proving that the Clovis people and mammoths were alive at the same time.

A few interesting things about Blackwater Draw:

1)      There is a building that covers and protects the South Bank Excavation. In it you can see layers of bones that have been exposed.

2)      The oldest known man dug water well in North America (over 11,000 years old).

3)      Blackwater Draw is a tributary to the Brazos River which is a major river in Texas.

Tomorrow we plan to move closer to the Albuquerque area.

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