The Blue Hole

ToadDate 0006.10.04.2016-NM We are only a 3-hour drive to Albuquerque so we have decided to stay at Sumner Lake State Park and then drive into Albuquerque on Thursday. We did look around for other camping spots but we didn’t find any that we liked better this one. Sumner Lake State Park is at an elevation … More The Blue Hole

Billy the Kid

ToadDate 0005.10.03.2016-NM We said goodbye to friendly Portales (see photo above) and headed west to Fort Sumner, the home of the “official” grave of Billy the Kid. We are at the Sumner Lake State Park and the land is very much like it was at Oasis State Park. But driving around the area of Fort Sumner … More Billy the Kid


ToadDate 0004.10.02.2016-NM Today we went to church, washed the car, and did laundry. Just the typical stuff that people do on Sunday. We also visited the Blackwater Draw Archaeological Site National Historic Monument which is just about a mile north of Oasis State Park. This is a small area of land which seems to be … More Portales

Abilene to Oasis

ToadDate 0003.10.01.2016-NM Today we traveled from Abilene State Park to Oasis State Park near Portales, NM, a distance of 277 miles and an elevation change from 1909’ to 4006’. US Highway 84 was used for most of the route and took us from the cotton fields and electric wind farms of Sweetwater to the desert … More Abilene to Oasis

Buffalo Gap

ToadDate 0002.09.30.2016-TX Today we spent the day in the area around Abilene State Park. The weather was clear with the temperature ranging from the 60s in the morning to the high 70s in the afternoon One of the most interesting visits was to the Buffalo Gap Historical Village. Buffalo Gap was the original county seat … More Buffalo Gap