Pistachios and White Sands

ToadDate 0044.11.12.2016-NM

Our apologies, there are a lot of adventures that we’ve experienced that are not yet in our Rambling Toad blog. In some instances, we have been in locations without wi-fi or LTE cellular service so it has been difficult for us to make posts. In other cases, we’ve been too tired to make the posts. This post will let you know where we are and what we are currently doing.

Over the next week, we will also do posts for some of the Toad Dates for which we haven’t posted. Past adventures that are missing include: visit to Meteor Crater AZ, the Grand Canyon AZ, Page AZ Balloon Rally, Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, a tour of the Lower Antelope Slot Canyons, a short visit to Utah and Colorado (as well as New Mexico and Arizona) at the Four Corners National Monument). These posts will all have the Toad Date associated with the events.

Today we are in Alamogordo NM and are on a quest to purchase some Alamogordo pistachios (at McGinn’s Pistachio Land) and to visit White Sands National Monument.

Alamogordo is in the Chihuahua Desert (which is almost evenly divided between Mexico and portions of West Texas, Southern New Mexico and Southern Arizona.

Alamogordo means “fat cottonwood” and is bordered on the east by the Sacramento Mountains and to the west by White Sands National Monument and Holloman AFB. This area has been inhabited by humans for over 11,000 years. The town was established in 1898 and is yet another community that was formed to support the construction of a railroad, in this case the El Paso and Northern Railroad. Alamogordo is considered an early example of a planned community.

Tomorrow we will turn East toward Texas and Thanksgiving with our family.


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