Lincoln County NM


ToadDate 0047.11.14.2016-NM

After breakfast and some tasks that we needed to do, we left the campground in Alamogordo around 11:00 am.

We took a beautiful drive on US-54 North to Vaughn, NM. On the way, we passed through the heart of Lincoln County NM, the site of the Lincoln County War and a place where Billy the Kid worked for John Tunstall. In the Lincoln National Forest, which is in several counties, but at Carrizozo is a sign pointing to where Smokey the Bear was rescued.

From Vaughn, we took US-60 into Ft Sumner. I think that the 33-mile portion of US-60 between Vaughn and Yeso (mostly abandoned) may be the straightest road that I have ever driven. For mile after mile, no towns, houses, people, traffic or curves.

We camped at the Sumner Lake State Park and looked at the super moon in the evening, rising over the nearby hills.

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