Wonderful Life

ToadDate 0063.11.30.2016-TX

We’re on our way South from Lake Tawakoni State Park where we had the RV set up during Thanksgiving week.

We are now near Fairfield, TX at Lake Fairfield State Park, we will leave on Friday headed for Rockdale.

The park is nearly deserted during the week, tonight there are 5 sites in our camping loop that are occupied. The view from ours is stunning, just 40 feet from our front door is the lake, which stretches from horizon to horizon.

Fairfield Lake was built to provide cooling water for a power plant and the water stays warmer in the winter, providing a thriving environment for fish. This is a great fishing lake during the winter.

Today we saw a Bald Eagle and what seemed like hundreds of Turkey Vultures. Evidently the eagles like the fishing here during the winter and the vultures stop by on their migration south.

The skies are dark at night (but not as dark as in New Mexico), last night we saw the Milky Way.

We have been thinking about where we want to go next and think we will be in Brownsville, TX after Christmas and will start a U.S. Gulf coast trip hoping to reach the tip of Florida by spring 2017.

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