Getting Ready for Christmas

ToadDate 0080.12.17.2016-TX

Following Thanksgiving we did what most families do – go Christmas shipping. Since then, we have put the RV in the shop for some maintenance and have been busy visiting family and delivering Christmas gifts. We delivered packages to Frisco, Rockdale, and San Antonio. Gifts for the children in Indiana were mailed. Bonus was getting to see some of the grandchildren in a Christmas play at FBC of Rockdale. At three-year-old David’s school we were able to attend his Christmas concert; he did a great job.

I feel very blessed that we saw most of our children and grandchildren for Thanksgiving and are able to stop by and visit while dropping off Christmas gifts. To me (this is Elaine), this is one of the best aspects of being retired – getting to see family more often.

We also visited with Paul and Phyllis while in San Antonio. They are wonderful hosts. They took us to a concert at First Baptist Church of San Antonio. Playing was the Duo Interchange, which is two of the best guitarists I’ve heard in a long time. They performed classical guitar pieces that were amazing. The acoustics of the hall made it so there was no need for amps and the pure sounds were inspiring.

We went to Kerrville to visit with my Uncle Ray and Jane, and my cousins Deanna and Jim. Jim woks for James Avery and Deanna took Lewis and Ray to the James Avery store. Both men came back with packages, one has my name on it. Looking forward to opening it on Christmas. Thanks, Deanna.

Uncle Ray took us up to visit The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Gardens . It is run as a museum and has several sculptures including the Empty Cross. The cross is 77’7” tall and can be seen for miles. There are other sculptures including the Coming King Sculpture, which is a white horse with Christ on it (see Revelations 6:1-2). The place is beautiful with a gorgeous view of the countryside. I bet the Easter sunrises services held here would be breathtaking.

Meanwhile, we are waiting. One of the maintenance items is to replace a heater for the water bay (keeps water lines from freezing and bursting). The part should be in this week.

Looks like our Christmas in Big Bend may have to wait until another year. We are looking at options as to where we are going to spend Christmas and New Year’s.

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