Set Up for Christmas

ToadDate 0084.12.21.2016-TX

The part for the RV came in and the maintenance work completed. Now, off for our next adventure.

We have decided to spend Christmas in Fredericksburg. Trip to Big Bend on hold as Christmas to New Year’s is one of the busiest times in the park and can be difficult to find a camping place for an RV. If you are tent camping and don’t mind primitive camping there are lots of places to camp for the holiday.

At our home, a holiday wreath hangs in the kitchen (I know, strange but so is life). Our Christmas tree sits atop the steering wheel (another strange thing). Presents have been carefully placed under the tree and we are settling in for a merry Christmas.

Fredericksburg has a park in the center of town that has every tree wrapped in lights, a large Christmas tree (or were there 2), a near-life sized nativity, an ice skating rink, and a German Christmas Pyramid, about 30 feet tall, that has Christmas scenes on several levels that turn and a spinning propeller on top. (Note to self must get a photo of it.) There are also horse drawn carriage rides around the downtown area.

This post is short but wanted to let everyone know where we are for Christmas.


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