South Padre Island

ToadDate 0106.01.12.2017-TX

Today we are at South Padre Island across the causeway from Port Isabel TX. It has been a few years since Elaine and I visited here and the place has really grown. There are numerous new high rise condominiums facing the beach and a good collection of restaurants. The last time we were here the island was more of a sleepy resort town with most of the buildings dating back to the 1950’s.

The weather here is gorgeous, the high temperature his afternoon was 82 degrees and it will cool off into the high 60’s tonight. Elaine and I took two barefoot walks along the beach today letting the surf caress our feet. Tonight’s walk was after sunset and the full moon was fighting to rise above the clouds that were low on the horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. We really enjoy the walks on the beach.

During the cold weather last week, hundreds of Green Sea Turtles were stunned by the cold conditions. They were rescued by volunteers along the beach and taken to the non-profit Padre Island NS Division of Sea Turtle Science & Recovery where they were gently warmed and cared for as they to recovered from their shock. Yesterday about 84 of the recovered turtles were released into the Gulf of Mexico by the organization at the beach a few hundred yards from our RV site. Sadly, we didn’t arrive until today and did not see the event, we saw highlights on the local news tonight.


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    1. If you are in the Houston area suggest you check out the Brazos Bend State Park. On Saturday evening there is telescope viewing, small charge. The park is home to a 36″ reflecting telescope and 2 other slightly smaller telescopes and astronomers set up telescopes you can look thru. Great fun.

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