ToadDate 0117.01.23.2017-TX

Today we are at Mustang Island State Park across the bridge from Corpus Christi, TX. Mustang Island is just across a channel north of Padre Island. The Padre Island National Seashore is just a few miles from where we are camping.

Today we drove to the National Seashore. We parked our car on the beach at milepost 0 and walked south about a mile. From milepost 0, you can walk or drive for 60 miles on the beach until you get to the Mansfield Channel which separates the National Seashore from South Padre Island.

Padre Island National Seashore is the world’s longest stretch of undeveloped barrier island. It is 70 miles long and is teaming with wildlife and wonders to be discovered.

Most of our walk was in the shallow surf, the day was beautiful with temperatures in the mid 70’s and water in the mid 60’s. So, what did we discover during our over one-hour walk on the beach?

The first thing that we discovered was how little we are and how big the beach is; at a walking pace of 3 miles an hour it would take 20 hours to walk to the Mansfield Channel.

In the first mile of the beach we saw fewer than 50 people, the beach gets increasingly less crowded and you move south.

We saw seabirds, fishermen, campers, starfish, seaweed, shells, jelly fish, crabs, a piece of pink barnacle, butterfly’s that had washed upon shore exhausted but still alive, portions of sand dollars, driftwood, and relaxation.

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