Malakoff to Canyon and Points In Between

ToadDate 0171.03.18.2017-TX

It has been a long time since we updated the blog. We have been in Texas, with much of the time spent in Malakoff at Jan and Larry’s house. They are great hosts.

On the trip to Galveston a rock hit the windshield. Getting a windshield for our RV was as expected, full of missteps. With the RV parked at Jan and Larry’s we set up to have the windshield replaced while we went to New Braunfels for a week of fun. Short version is the first glass that was sent out was distorted and we had to wait another week for a replacement to be sent in.

Our time spent in New Braunfels, we were in Gruene, was busy and fun. Rick and Lewis played some golf, Lewis got much better the second game. Mom, Ann, and Elaine went shopping, pampered themselves with a pedicure, and in general had a great time. There was an opportunity to have lunch with Jason, Jolene, and Nathan in nearby San Antonio. Hi-light of this trip was to go thru the Natural Bridge Cavern. Beautiful cavern.

Got back to Jan’s and after the windshield was installed, we began getting ready to leave. Spent the morning cleaning the RV, took a lunch break, came back and the door latch broke. We couldn’t get into the RV! Larry and Lewis drilled out the latch. By the way, it’s difficult to break into our RV. We had to wait a week for the part to come in and get an appointment with a Monaco (the company that built our RV) factory repair shop to do the job. Fortunately, the shop was in Alvarado.

We are now in Palo Duro Canyon. It has been several years since we have been here and must say the improvements to the camping areas are impressive. We couldn’t get into a campsite as the park is full with people on Spring Break. We are staying at a RV park in Canyon about ten miles from the canyon.

The canyon is as beautiful as ever but now has mountain bike trails, which is a big draw for those that want to explore the park on their bikes. It was about 85 degrees at the top of the canyon, and the thermometers at the trailheads all showed 100 degrees. Need lots of water for hiking or biking, and of course sunblock!

We saw some of the Texas Longhorn Cattle that live at the park entrance and found a friendly roadrunner making himself to home at the empty theater (the play Texas runs June thru mid-August). The roadrunner was so good we got several pictures of him/her. Also, got to hear a couple of different sounds it makes. One sound was made by clacking his bill to together, so it was sort of a rattle sound. The other sound was like “meep meep.” Great learning opportunity.


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