Combine City

ToadDate 0176.03.23.2017-TX

We have been in Malakoff visiting with Jan and Larry and picking up the VW. The time has come for us to sell the Jetta TDI back to VW. Our VW was part of the diesel engine court case. Won’t bore you with the details, if you are really interested in the settlement there are lots of news articles on the web.

After spending a couple of nights with Jan and Larry, we drove to Stacy and Lewis’ house in Frisco. We had an appointment with a Frisco VW dealer to complete the buyback. The dealership was ready for us and it took about 20 minutes to turn the car in. The turn-in process has taken 4 months and it will be about 3 days before we get the money since the government must review the processing of the funds.

Just a shout out to Stacy for her completion of a half-marathon. We are really impressed with her!

Today we spent the day driving west to Canyon where we left the RV. The wind was blowing more than 20 mph, picking up dust and sending tumbleweeds speeding across the land. The sky was darkened with all the dust. Not really a dust storm, just dirty looking sky.

Most people have heard of the Cadillac Ranch, but have you heard of Combine City? Me, either. But between Claude and Canyon along FM 1151 is a field with about 20 combines planted in the ground. No idea why you would do that, but then again, I don’t understand half burying Cadillacs.

One thought on “Combine City

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad the Jetta saga is at a close. Enjoyed your visit and see you in May!


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