RV Museum – Yes, It’s Real

ToadDate 0177.03.24.2017-TX

The wind has been something awful today. Constant 20-30 MPH wind with gusts over 50 MPH. We pulled the slides in as recommended in the manual and because it gave Elaine some peace of mind. To that end, the RV did not shake as much and wasn’t as noisy.

We did go to the RV Museum in Amarillo, TX. This museum is in the Jack Sizemore Traveland. This is a large RV dealer that had set up a museum. If you are waiting on service, it gives you something to do besides watch TV. Or bring in potential customers like us as we drove over just to check it out.

In the museum are some very old trailers and motorhomes. There is also an impressive collection of Harley Davidson motorcycles. In one showcase is a Harley Davidson bicycle. We never knew they made bikes.

There are several trailers and motorcycles that were used in military operations. One motorcycle (Harley Davidson, of course) has a letter that was sent to HD singing the praises of how durable the motorcycles used at the front lines were. The trailers served as temporary quarters. Interesting stuff.

Trailers have a much longer history. One of the oldest reminded us of a boat cabin. Lots of wood not only for flooring, but the walls, cabinets, and ceilings. There is one Airstream trailer that has been all over the world. The trailers were small compared to most trailers used today. Yet you can see the same basic design in today’s trailers.

Since motorhomes really got their start in the early 1970s with bus conversions, many of them looked familiar and features from that era can be found in today’s RVs.

There is a RV Museum website if you are interested in seeing more http://rvmuseum.net/

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