Yikes, it’s cold here

ToadDate 0181.03.28.17-TX

This morning when we awoke in Canyon TX:

  • The weather was overcast
  • cool (low 50’s)
  • heavy rain was expected
  • possible severe storms in the area for a couple of days

YIKES -we’re retired and our home is a RV, it’s time to assess the situation and get out of Dodge (well Canyon).

Where do we need to go to enjoy the weather we are becoming accustomed to as full-time RVers and retired people?

North was not a serious consideration, the severe weather pattern extended north and it was colder there with a possibility of freezing.

West was a possibility, we’d need to push through a cold front to find some dry weather but it was also cold in that direction.

East was out of the question, the forecast said that most the severe weather was east of us and it extended several hundred miles and was forecast to continue to move eastward.

South was the obvious choice, but where could we go and how will it affect our tour of Oklahoma and Arkansas?

Lamesa, Texas was 164 miles South, just an hour south of Lubbock. It was also on the dry side of the current weather pattern and should be clear, warm, and safe.

At 10 am we headed south on I-27 with the sky overcast and visibility was about ¼ mile. This continued for almost 100 miles, near Lubbock the weather cleared and it warmed up. By the time, we reached Lamesa at 2 pm it was clear and the temperature was in the 80’s.

It was an excellent choice, the cold front did push south, creating storms in the Midland area which trailed north to the east of Lamesa. We enjoyed looking at the weather as it passed safely by our camp.

What about Oklahoma and Arkansas? Postponed!!

We will instead visit San Angelo, TX, make a brief visit to Rockdale in April to pick up mail and spoil some grandchildren and then head into the Big Bend country.

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