Lamesa to Seminole to Andrews

ToadDate 0184.03.31.17-TX

We have spent the last 4 days in Lamesa, Texas. Lamesa is a town of less than 10,000 people but does have several parks. We are staying in one of the city parks, free.

Elaine woke up in the middle of Wednesday night dizzy. Thursday we had the opportunity to check out Lamesa’s medical facilities and must say they are very nice. The clinic and hospital are new with staff that goes out of their way to help you. Back to Elaine’s condition, it is a form of vertigo that is caused by a small bit of stuff that gets caught in the fluid in the inner ear and bounces around causing the dizziness. The bit of stuff will end up being flushed out of the body but until that happens, she is taking medicine to help with the nausea which makes her very sleepy, antibiotic since her ear hurts, and just to cover all the bases a decongestant. She is feeling better but still gets dizzy when lying down.

Today, we did laundry and some other chores but we also made time to check out the park we are in. It has a flying disc course all around where we are parked. Signs up everywhere warning you to watch out for low flying objects. The day we arrived the Merriweather and Culpepper Circus was set up just down the street from us. The park is home for the county fair with a large barn for the animals and down the street from us is the rodeo arena.

We have driven around the area and it has its own beauty sitting atop a mesa. Semi-arid land that is used to grow cotton and cattle.

In late April (this year April 28 – 30) Lamesa is the home to the Chicken Fried Steak Festival / Balloon Rally. Lamesa claims to be the home of the Chicken Fried Steak but there are plenty of doubters. If you have a decent recipe you should enter the Chicken Fried Steak Cook-off, the top 3 winners are in the money. The balloon rally is officially named: 2017 Crossroads Balloon Rally and will have 20 – 40 entries. A classic car show is also included in the Festival. We might need to come back for that.

On Wednesday, we took a driving tour to Seminole and Andrews TX.

Seminole is about 50 miles west of Lamesa, it is also a county seat but the differences between the two communities is striking. Seminole is a smaller city with around 7,448 people, but it is built on a huge oil field. The community businesses, residences, schools, and parks share space with some of the largest oil well pumps (dicky birds) that we have seen. These pumps were pumping and the property tax revenue is flowing into the city, county, school system and hospital district coffers. We saw the finest newly built high school campus (maybe 4 – 5 city blocks) that we have ever seen in a city of this size. The streets were well maintained, downtown around the courthouse was active, the churches were well-built. Clearly this is a community with wealth. The city was named after the Seminole wells, Indian watering places to south and west. There were over 50 -70 wells that ranged in depth from 4 – 15 feet and was well known to the Indians. There is a historical marker 2 miles south of Seminole on highway 385 labeled Historic Hackberry Grove, this is the location for the wells and is recognized as the earliest known human habitation in Gaines County, TX. These wells remind us of the well founds near Portales NM, just 131 miles northwest of Seminole. That well was at the Clovis site and has been identified as the being the oldest man dug water well in North America and is over 11,000 years old (see ToadDate 0004.10.02.2016-NM.)

Andrews TX (pop 13,816) is about 30 miles south of Seminole. The density of the oil wells around that community are probably 10-20 time that found in Seminole. Andrews oil fields are still pumping and over their lifetime have produced over 1 billion barrels of oil. The city is now basically a suburb of Midland-Odessa. Andrews was named after Richard Andrews, the first Texan soldier to die in the Texas Revolution.

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