Borrowed Horse

ToadDate 0203.04.19.17-TX

We spent a couple of nights at McCamey, Texas, which is a small town about 100 miles south of San Angelo. We had planned to go to Fort Stockton, but needed to pick up a new radiator cap. Engine overheating is a serious matter. There isn’t an auto parts dealer in McCamey, but there was a RV lot where we could park the RV. Had to go to Crane, which is about 25 miles northwest of McCamey, to order a radiator cap. The auto parts dealer had it for us the next day.

McCamey is so small that according to their sign, they had to borrow a horse in order to be a one-horse town. There is a museum about the area that is interesting. Lots of information about how this part of Texas came to be settled – think Indians, Spaniards, railroads, and oil – you got the jest of the museum.

Ate at the local hamburger joint, Selby Drive In, which was good. The man that owns the RV Park also owns a restaurant, Benoît’s, which we didn’t have an opportunity to visit, but is supposed to be very good.

McCamey has a great park centered around the museum. The park provides free camping for RVs, but we discovered it after we were already set up and paid.

Crane is a much larger city than McCamey. Besides having an auto parts store, they have a hardware store that has one of the largest selection of metal art that I have ever seen. Crane is also the county seat of – wait for it – Crane County. The city feels like it is growing with businesses open (not many closed stores) and new houses being built. It is about 50 miles south of Odessa, and there is a lot of business going on related to the oil fields.

When traveling through these small towns, it is good to remember there is a lot more to the town than you can see from the road.

We are headed to Fort Stockton and then on to Big Bend.

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