Olives and Terrible Lizards

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We spent a few days in San Antonio visiting with Paul and Phyllis. They took us to Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard outside of San Antonio. We never knew there was an olive orchard in Texas. There is a tour on Saturdays, check their website for information. It was a fascinating stop and we are now using olive oil from Texas.

We also met our newest granddaughter, Molly. Yes, we are proud grandparents of 25 (not a typo) grandchildren. Christmas can be challenging and there are always birthdays coming up, but the blessings are overflowing.

After our visit, we headed to Glen Rose, Texas, which is home to the Dinosaur Valley State Park. In the park, you can wade in the river and see dinosaur footprints from the time this area was a marsh, about 100 million years ago. Recently there has been a lot of rain in this part of Texas, so the river is running higher than normal making it difficult to walk in the dinosaur footprints due to the current.

The City of Glen Rose sits along the Paluxy River, which is clear due to the rocky base. In fact, across the street from where we camped was Big Rocks Park. It is a city park where you can climb on very large rocks, wade or swim in the river, and fish. We stayed in the Oakdale Park, which is owned by the City. Not only do they have wonderful RV camping, there are cottages to rent, tent camping sites, a large pool, and it is the home for many festivals. For Mother’s Day, the 16th annual Dulcimer Festival will be held in the park.

In addition to visiting the Dinosaur Valley State Park, we also went through the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. This is a drive thru zoo. There are many kinds of animals including deer from all over the world, ostrich, giraffes, zebra, rhinoceros, and much more. You can pick up some food to feed the animals as you slowly drive the winding road. Some of the animals come up to the car and motion with head bobs or pecking at the car and ground that they wanted to be fed; we didn’t get any food for them. At the halfway point, high atop a hill, you get a great view of the park and surrounding area, and there is a place to get a bite to eat and do some shopping. There is also a petting barn, complete with a hand washing station.



2 thoughts on “Olives and Terrible Lizards

  1. Twenty five grand children! Wow you must be tired…and rich in family beyond belief! Glad to have met you two at Mammoth Cave.


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