Grand Teton National Park

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Yesterday we spent the day doing housecleaning and shopping. We are currently in Ashton, ID, staying at the Jolley Camper Campground. This is a small family-owned campground that has an exception view of the Grand Tetons. The owners are friendly and seem to be always doing cleaning or improvements to the campground.

Today we made the drive to Grand Teton National Park. From the campground, we can see the western side of the mountains, the park is on the eastern side of the mountains, which means a drive across a high pass. The pass is steep enough (10% grade) we were glad we didn’t have the RV with us. There are some great views along this road and a few pullouts, but we didn’t stop as we were crossing.

We drove thru Driggs, ID on the way to the pass, Driggs is where a balloon rally will be happening the first weekend of July. We will meet with Dave and Anita Eichhorn, who are allowing us to crew for them. Today, there were 2 balloons flying as we drove into town. We are looking forward to the balloon rally next week.

The Grand Teton National Park is beautiful. While Yellowstone winds around several rivers and over mountains, this park runs the length of the Teton mountain range. There are hiking trails and mountain climbing for those that want to do it. Climbers must register with the park rangers before climbing. Climbing the tallest summit (over 13,000 feet) is not easy and does require some mountain climbing experience, there is an Alpine Climbing club in the park that will provide training for beginners and advanced climbers. We didn’t attempt to climb the mountains but we did have a picnic with a great view of the mountains.

You can travel from the Grand Teton National Park to Yellowstone Park (under 10 miles from the northern edge of Grand Teton NP to the southern edge of Yellowstone NP), there is a discount of the entry fee ($50 vs $60) if you do both parks. We have the senior pass so no charge for us when entering any of the national parks. You should take advantage of the annual park passes, it will save you money if you intend to visit more than a couple of parks.

At the southern entry point for Grand Teton NP is Jackson, WY, you could probably spend a couple of weeks there enjoying the town and visiting the park. Jackson is upscale, touristy, and historic. You will find good shopping opportunities, tour companies, lodging and restaurants in Jackson. In the winter, it is also a skiing destination.

We had a great day exploring the Grand Teton National Park and surrounding countryside. Afterward we drove by our next camping site and found a roadside bar-b-q stand. The ribs were terrific.

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