Driggs Balloon Rally

ToadDate 0278.07.03.17-ID

Last day of the Driggs Balloon Rally. It has been great fun with some work thrown in to make you appreciate the fun. There were about 10 balloons at the rally, so it is much smaller than Albuquerque, Tacos, or Paige, which are the balloon rallies we have attended.

We set up camp in Swan Valley, about 30 miles from Driggs, it takes about 40 minutes to travel the distance due the mountains. We were on the road by 4:30 to make it there for the launch. Early start but no evening glow, so we got plenty of rest.

I took my first balloon flight. It was so much fun. The ride was calm and beautiful. There was a teenage boy also riding with us and he was just short of terrified. But Dave calmed his nerves and got him talking. For me, the worse part of the flight was getting in and out of the balloon. Combination of my short legs, size, and old joints made it a much more difficult process than it should have been. But thanks to Dave and Lewis I managed to get in and out without damaging the balloon or myself. I did participate in the first flight ceremony. It is such a memorable event thanks to Dave’s storytelling abilities and Anita’s “support,” it rivals the memories of the flight itself.

We met Tom and Nancy at the balloon rally. Dave and Anita were staying at their house. They have a very impressive view of the Grand Tetons Mountain Range from their front door. We will be parking our RV on their property for the solar eclipse. They are truly wonderful hosts.



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