Glenns Ferry Fun

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We have spent the last few days in the small town of Glenns Ferry, ID. The city is located on the shore of the Snake River and was a popular place for travelers on the Oregon Trail to cross the river. In the river are three islands (one is more like a sandbar) that people would use as stepping stones to cross the river. The river is very wide and moves quickly at this location. There were many accidents and loss of life attempting the crossing, but those successful saved a lot of time on their journey. Over the years, a ferry was started to take freight and people across the river much more safely than before.

There is a state park here, Three Island State Park, which has a very good interpretative center. The center explains the history of the area. There used to be a recreation of the crossing using wagons and horses but is no longer done but they do have an annual celebration of crossings in mid-August.

Outside of the state park is the Crossing Winery. You can see the vineyards and sample some of their wines. There is also a restaurant and 9-hole golf course there.

In town, we stayed at the Trail Break RV Park. The RV park is run by the president of the Chamber of Commerce, which is a bonus when you are trying to find things to do in the area. Mike was very helpful in accommodating us in his park.

We went to the Historical Opera Theater and had a great dinner and sat back to enjoy a play. This was a great treat. The dinner was wonderful and at our table three locals joined us, one was the past mayor of the city and she was a great dinner companion. The locals told us more about the city and the hopes for its future. There is an equine gnathological school in the area (that’s a veterinary dentistry school). The city is too small to house all the students, so residents (like the three at our table) take in the students that come from around the world to study there. The former mayor said that in November she will be housing four vets from Holland. She said her house isn’t large enough for them to each have a room, but they wanted to be together and are willing to sleep on the floor.

Back to the show – it was a melodrama. We were instructed to cheer when the hero came on stage, to sigh for the heroine, to hiss at the villainess, and to boo at the villain. This just added to the evening’s fun. The theater sits downtown across the street from the railroad track and we were instructed that when a train goes by the play will be suspended while everyone sings I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, since you can’t hear the performance while the train is passing. Anyone caught not singing was brought up front to lead singing the song a second time. More fun!

Before the show they asked that everyone who had a birthday in April and October to come up front (Elaine was there). When everyone was seated, the cast came out and sang You Great Big Beautiful Doll to them. Also, we received a bar of fudge from the local fudge company for being the people that had come the furthest to the play. It was lots of fun. Do try this if you are in Glenns Ferry, ID during the summer.


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