Bees vs Sky Sox

ToadDate 0309.08.03.17-UT

We arrived in Salt Lake City, UT, today. The city is in the middle of a heat wave, it may set a record for number of days above 100 degrees (I think it is 11 days). The city has mountains on the East and the Great Salt Lake on the Northwest and is very beautiful.

The Los Angeles Angels have a triple-A baseball team here, the Bees. In the 1990s, they were the Buzz. We went to tonight’s game and had great seats and a good time. The Bees played the Colorado Springs Sky Sox (part of the Milwaukee Brewers organization). Some of these players are part of the 40-man team roster for their major league team. This means that they are usually the first players to be called up. It also means they make more money, about double the salary. A first-year triple-A player earns just over $2,000 per month and has small per diem, they get paid for 6 months. A first-year player on the 40-man team roster will earn over $40,000 per year and if they play even one day in the majors or make the 40-man team a second year the salary jumps to over $80,000. So, the players are motivated to play well.

Mountains are seen from the first base stands. There is a grassy berm for fans and is popular with families as children have a lot of room to play and its cheaper than seats. A train runs around the top of the berm through the 7th inning. Fans were enjoying the ride from one outfield to the other.

The game was different in that there was a 20 second pitch clock behind home plate. Its purpose is to improve the pace of the game. We may see it in the major leagues if it is successful.

The Bees held the lead until the 7th, then the Sky Sox bats got hot and they had some great hits. Final score, the Bees 6, and the Sky Sox 10. We bet their trip back to their hotel was a great celebration (they still have a couple of games with the Bees).


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