Arches National Park

ToadDate 0331.08.25.17-UT

Just north of Moab, UT, you find the Arches National Park. This park is made up of sandstone mountains and hills. It is a place of wonder and color. In some of the places where the sandstone weathers, an arch or window is created. These natural formations provide glimpses at the world that are unique – like looking through a camera lens. The largest arch spans over 300 feet. Since these arches and windows are created by weathering, they are ever changing. From one year to the next the park changes – some arches get bigger, others collapse, and new ones appear – so you get a different experience each time you visit.

There is wildlife that calls this park home and they include deer, big horn sheep, rabbits, coyotes, bobcats, cougars, assortment of rodents and lizards. There are many species of birds that can be found in the park. The most common is the raven. At one of our stops there was a raven checking out the picnic area. He didn’t seem to mind that we were there.

This year much of the park is closed while the road is being rebuilt, so we were not able to go out to visit the most impressive and memorable arches. But based on the area we could visit, we can recommend this park and have placed it on our list of places to come back to.

The City of Moab is pretty and was busy with lots of tourists. People in the community seem to go out of their way to make you comfortable. The campground we stayed in has an environmental study center. The center is more about how the campground was built and operates to be environmentally friendly. Not only does the campground provide RV spaces but there are also tent camping sites and rooms you can rent. There is a Yurt also available for larger groups wanting to be together.

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