Traveling Time

ToadDate 0372.10.05.17-TX

The past few weeks we have spent in Texas, seeing family and friends. We have been in Malakoff, Frisco, Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio, Kerrville, Georgetown, Round Rock, Richmond, and Rockdale. The RV was parked in Malakoff and we drove our car to visit everyone.

During this time Lamanda Higginbotham, my sister-in-law, died. This was not expected and we were surprised when it happened. She and Don were married 62 years. She was a staple in the Higginbotham family and is missed. As result of the memorial service, we saw more of the family as members gathered to celebrate Lamanda’s life.

It was great being with the family, but we have resumed our travels and now are at Atlanta State Park in Texas. This park is adjacent to Lake Wright Patman, a great fishing lake. The park is set in the tall pines of east Texas. There are few people here during the week, but the weekends are crowded – we couldn’t get a site for the weekend.

A walk through the area is very quiet (especially during the week). Trees cover the entire area so you only get filtered views of the sky. This is a big change from our last campsite in San Angelo, where it is very dry and the most widely seen trees are mesquite, which don’t get very tall.

When we boarded our RV, it was like we had come home. Not that we don’t appreciate and love staying with others, but there is something to be said about being in your own home – even one that moves.


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