RV Living is about Creativity

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We are currently in Pass Christian, MS, just a few miles west of Gulfport, and will be here through Thanksgiving. It is beautiful here. The beach is about a mile away and is made up of white sand and lots of shells. During the afternoons you see many pelicans and cranes along the shoreline. The pelicans also perch on the support poles of a pier that was washed away when Hurricane Katrina came ashore. There is a marina here where you can go deep-sea fishing and shrimping. The community is small and most of the entertainment and shopping is in Gulfport.

When living in less than 400 square feet, you consider carefully everything you put on the RV. Questions like: Do we really need it? Where will it be stored? What else can we use it for? Wait – use the item for something else? Yes, almost everything on the RV has at least two uses with some exceptions but most things need to be multi-purpose items to justify the space they take up. Here are a few examples.

The steering wheel. Yes, it’s primary function is to steer the RV when we are traveling. But what about when we are camped? Does it just sit there and take up space? No, it’s a desk. When we set up camp, we adjust the steering wheel to be vertical, and top it with a cutting board (dual purpose for the board, too), cover it with the large ties from the curtains (dual purpose) and its ready to go. We also have a wire tray that can go across the steering wheel to make a larger desk area when we want to set up the computer for Elaine’s writing.

Another item, the dining table. Great place to serve a meal, use as a desk, a craft center, and ironing board. Ironing isn’t something we do a lot of, but there are times when we need to touch up items or Elaine is doing some sewing, hand sewing only – we cannot justify a sewing machine onboard, and needs to press a seam.

Hats or caps are necessary when you spend time out hiking, so we have a few. To make them more accessible they hang on the light sconces. These sconces provide light and their supports make a great place to hang a cap and make it easy to find. Plus, the caps do not fall behind the sofa when traveling.

These are just a few examples of how living in the RV requires creativity.



2 thoughts on “RV Living is about Creativity

  1. Glad you are enjoying the gulf. It was nice meeting you at Mammoth Cave. Thanks for sharing ideas about how to use the steering wheel. We put a tray on the driver’s seat to hold our dirty shoes.


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