Snow at South Padre Island

Snow on South Padre Beach

ToadDate 0436.12.08.17-TX

Last night the power went out in the park and the temperature started dropping. We went the Sea Ranch Restaurant for dinner (one of our favorite places on the island) and the power was back on when we returned. The temperature was still dropping.

We woke this morning to a temperature right at freezing. This is very cold for this part of the country. Not only was it cold but we had gale force winds that rocked the RV and caused terrible wind noise. It was a great day to make soup and hunker down with a book, which is what we did.

Just before lunch, snow started falling. Yes, snow on South Padre Island. The snow started covering the palm trees and other plants, cars were dusted with a white coating, and snow began to settle on the sand at the beach. This is such a rarity, people braved the blustery wind to get pictures. Here is a video we shot on the beach to record the event.

Within a couple of hours, the snow had stopped and melted away. However, this was an amazing time to be at the beach. Temperature should be in the 50s tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Snow at South Padre Island

  1. I hear you. We started our trip from Philly in 10 degree F temps. Going 55MPH at 10F started the pipes freezing, so we had to crank up the RV cabin heat to 80 F just to force enough heat to the pipes. We are now in Lafayette, LA where it will be 20 F tomorrow night. Brrr.


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