Wall Drug to the Badlands

ToadDate 0253.06.08.17-SD

Today we arrived in Hermosa, South Dakota. A small community about 20 miles from Rapid City. We stayed at a very nice campground that was close to all the local national parks and monuments that we wanted to see.

We set up camp and headed to the Badlands National Park. On the way to the park we stopped at Wall Drug. This is a drugstore that takes marketing to a new standard by advertising on the roads how many miles it is to it, even if it is 532 miles. It is as much a drugstore as Buc-ee’s is a convenience store. Wall Drug is made up many sections including a restaurant, ice cream store, clothing store, souvenir shop, and much more. It seems the entire community is part of Wall Drug. It’s a fun place to visit and have some ice cream.

In the Wall Drug parking lot, we saw 2 tornado hunter vehicles (that’s what was on the side of the trucks), which made us wonder if we should have checked the weather forecast.

The Badlands National Park is a geological formation of sandstone that has been weathered to form some very interesting shapes. We saw several different types of animals including a turkey that was gobbling at us. It was a very interesting drive thru the park but it really is a photographer’s type of place. So many interesting shapes, scenery that is beautiful, and as the sun sets the colors in the sandstone shine.

We can recommend visiting the park but you need to hurry. At the rate that the sandstone is weathering it is expected it will be gone in the next 500,000 years. That seems like a very long time for humans, but geologist say these formations will be here only 1 million years from the time they were created to the time they disappear – hardly a speck on the geological timeline.

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