Goose Island State Park

ToadDate 0124.01.30.2017-TX

We have moved North and are now at Goose Island State Park, near Rockport, TX. We will spend a few more days here and then move north again.

This is the home of the Big Tree, a coastal live oak tree. The Texas Forest Service estimates the tree to be over 1,000 years old, other recent estimates place it nearer to 2,000 years old. Its trunk is about 11 feet in diameter and 35 feet in circumference. It is about 44 feet tall and the diameter of its crown is 89 feet.

In the United States, coastal live oaks range from Texas to Virginia, it is the heaviest of all oaks, a cubic foot of wood may weigh over 75 pounds. They are resistant to decay and disease and were sought after for shipbuilding. The USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) was built with a mixture of coastal live oak and white oak.

We also walked out onto the 1620-foot-long lighted fishing pier, a fisherman was leaving with a nice sheepshead fish. There were several fishermen during the afternoon. In Texas you do not need a state fishing license to fish from the shore or a pier in a state park.

We found an original oyster bar and took a walk along it. The tide was out, normally the bar would be under a foot or two of water. The day was awesome, temperatures near 80 and clear blue skies.

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