Thanksgiving for Two

ToadDate 0423.11.25.17-MS

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving camped in Pass Christian, MS. The weather was cooler but not cold enough to keep us off the beach.

Earlier we went to the Pass Christian Yacht Club fundraising sale. There were lots of arts and crafts for sale. The Yacht Club is in a building that sits over the water. They have a restaurant that looked like it is the nicest place in town. We didn’t have lunch there, but the buffet was tempting. Since we live in a very small space buying arts and craft items doesn’t happen; however, they had homemade pecan pie tarts for a quarter and Lewis bought four of them. We decided that would be enough pecan pie to count for Thanksgiving dessert.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was a fried turkey breast that Lewis found at Costco. Really good and super easy to prepare – just heat it up. Not a big spread of food, but enough of the favorites to feel like Thanksgiving and to remind us of all the things we are thankful for. Lewis reports the pecan pie tarts were delicious; Elaine doesn’t like pecan pie (her loss).

At Gulfport, which is about 5 miles away, there is Jones Park. It is a portion of the beach that is maintained by the county parks department. There is a building there that can be used for indoor activities, such as craft shows. At Christmas time the park is decorated with an impressive outdoor light display, which opens Thanksgiving weekend and runs to the New Year. You park across the street and walk (or ride a bus) to the park, where you pay a fee, and then walk thru the display. We decided to just enjoy the display from the road and avoid the large crowd.

In the median of the gulf highway there are cravings of sea life and birds found in the area. These carvings are done using trees killed when Hurricane Katrina came ashore. The work is amazing. Using the different branches of the dead tree, the artist fashions birds and fish. There are other carved trees throughout the area. Rather than chipping up the trees, they are beautiful works of art.

As we make our Christmas plans, we will be moving the RV to South Padre Island. Love this place and our time in Pass Christian has been wonderful. Marked this place to visit again.


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