Thanksgiving 2016

ToadDate 0057.11.24.2016-TX

Thanksgiving Day was hosted by our son, Lewis, and his wife, Stacy, in Frisco, TX. The house was full of family and food. There was a turkey throw down cooking competition between husband and wife – one turkey was roasted and the other smoked. Winner was every one that ate.

As with most Thanksgiving Day celebrations, we had plenty of children around to keep adults from snoozing and hiding away in some corner. We did have a walking competition – maybe competition is too strong of a word, more like a friendly game of who can get the most cheers for walking between mothers. At the house were two toddlers with two months between them. The youngest one was walking from mom to aunt and the rest of us would cheer for him when he reached one of the adults. The older toddler stood by watching for a few minutes then decided to join in the fun. She has been walking for a while and is much more steady and sure on her feet. If the youngest stopped in front of her, she would wait a few seconds and then “encourage” him to move along with a small shove to the back. It was so funny to watch.

Older children played video games and then moved outside to play various games including football with some of the uncles and dads. It was wonderful to see the cousins together.

One of the highlights was sparklers. The children, some of them for the first time, had the opportunity to use sparklers. Watching them overcome their fears to hold the sparklers and move to excitement of doing it again is a good lesson for all of us.

In our family, there is always football for Thanksgiving. There is a football game on the TV at any given time, and at any given time part of the crowd will be cheering and others will be practicing their “armchair” coaching skills.

Hope your Thanksgiving was good. Ours was full of blessings and joys.


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